Zone sponsor LGBTQ+ football team Birmingham Blaze FC

Today is International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia – a worldwide celebration of sexual and gender diversities.

Coinciding with this, it is an honour to announce that Zone Contractors are the official sponsors of Birmingham Blaze Football Club for the 2022/23 Season

At Zone we are massive football fans but understand that the construction industry as well as football has historically been less accepting of a persons sexual orientation. We hope this partnership will ensure LGBTQ+ people feel welcomed and included when joining the organisation and whilst working within the industry. Zone Contractors main goals for this partnership is to get across that we are a organisation that stands against discrimination of any kind and to raise awareness to teams such as Blaze.

We are committed to making equality, diversity and inclusion integral to the way we work. Our commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion shadows the great work that Building Equality do to support LGBTQ+ inclusion within the building sectors.

Construction and football are both stereotypically associated with being masculine and we hope this partnership will ensure LGBT people feel welcome and included across all aspects.

Birmingham Blaze have been established since 2005 and are currently a fully-fledged Sunday League side, sitting in the top tier of the Festival League and also competing within international football tournaments.

Training sessions take place on Wednesday evenings and are open to players of any sexuality, background or ability. and play 11-a-side matches Sunday mornings.

They are always on the look out for new players, to enquire please have a look at their social media: Twitter, Insta or Facebook.

We will be sponsoring their home and away kits so keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming reveal!

This continues to be a timely and increasingly discussed issue. We want to applaud Jake Daniels who yesterday publicly came out, making him the only openly-gay male player playing professionally in the British game. While it shouldn’t be such a big announcement this is a crucial step to making the subject less taboo.