Tabor House Visit

Last December we were delighted to support Tabor House by sponsoring a bed for a year, and today we were finally able to visit to see first hand the facilities based in Digbeth.

During the pandemic its open-plan living area was transformed into perspex ‘pods’ in line with Covid-19 guidance and can house up to eight guests at a time. The facility’s opening hours have also been extended to 24/7 operation to increase its much-needed support for the homeless.

Tabor House takes guests through a series of supported steps, including a dedicated mentor that works with them to identify their strengths and work through a plan with them to get them into employment and, eventually, more permanent living.

As part of Father Hudson’s Care, they receive little Government funding and rely heavily on public donations and generosity. Volunteers also play a key role in providing high quality service. For more info on how to get involved please check out

Given the current economic uncertainty we are proud to support an important project for the city of Birmingham.

Thank you to Project Manager Sharon Fear and Head of Community Projects Jo Watters for your time and showing us around.