Men’s Health Week 2021: #CanDoChallenge

Today is the beginning of #MensHealthWeek. Men’s Health Forum have applied the five ways to wellbeing to encourage the #candochallenge – things we can all do that are scientifically proven to help us feel better. 👍

We encourage you to take part; each day a different way:
1. Connect with other people. Why not call an old friend to catch up? #connectmonday
2. (Be) Active. Get some movement in your day by going for a walk in the sunshine #activetuesday
3. Notice. Take time to notice the environment around you e.g. turn off your phone for an hour and appreciate your surroundings #noticewednesday
4. Discover. Learn something new, perhaps by picking up a new book #discoverthursday
5. Offer (or give). Consider what you can do for someone else, perhaps volunteer for a day or pick up shopping for an elderly relative or neighbour #offerfriday

If you cannot participate each day why not try combining days together such as going for a walk in the park with a friend.

The focus for 2021 is Mental Health in a Covid World. As society opens up we need to open up too.

Get involved and learn more at