World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day 2020, an annual awareness day created to establish worldwide commitment and action on suicide prevention.

It is crucial that we talk about suicide prevention!

We need to break the silence and stigma surrounding mental ill-health! Providing an open, safe, and healthy workplace environment can play a vital role in suicide prevention.

The majority of Zone Contractor’s followers work within or are centred around the Construction Industry, THE WORST AFFECTED INDUSTRY FOR SUICIDES, It is vital that talk openly with our colleagues about mental ill-health!

Research suggests that open and honest communication about mental ill-health supports steps towards suicide prevention because these important conversations have the power to increase awareness and understanding, remind people they are not alone and help break the stigma which can be a barrier for those seeking help.

Please use this day as an opportunity to speak with colleagues and friends… let them know that there is always help available!

See the link attached to this post for more information on how you can help today.