Thriving at Work mental health survey results released

Yesterday we were invited to the House of Lords for the launch of the Safer Highways Thriving at Work Mental Health survey report, hosted by Lord Dennis Stevenson.

It was incredibly encouraging to see the progress that has been made since the Thriving at Work review 2 years ago. It was an opportunity to learn more about the actions that the industry has been taking to meet the standards set out 2 years ago and how the industry can continue to drive this brilliant initiative forward. You can download the survey report from here:

The Survey was built around the 10 ‘Core’ and ‘Enhanced’ Standards asking each of the questions to establish what steps each company has taken since its launch 18 months ago and ultimately gain a collective national industry position.

The results showed that 90% offer mental health awareness, despite only 69% having a mental health at work plan. The data also showed that 84% of firms questioned believe that they encourage conversations around mental health and commit to ensure employees are not discriminated against.

Overall, Safer Highways says that it is clearly apparent that organisations within the highways sector are acknowledging their role in supporting mental health in the workplace.