‘Thrive At Work’ Showcase

Zone Contractors Limited recently attended a ‘Thrive at Work’ Showcase. Thrive at Work is a pioneering programme being launched across the West Midlands by Thrive, the West Midland Combined Authority’s (WMCA) Mental Health Commission.

Thrive at Work is a workplace commitment with criteria and guidelines on creating a workplace that promotes employee health and wellbeing, focusing on key organisational enablers such as health and safety, manager training etc. in addition to health areas such as mental, musculoskeletal and physical health and promoting healthy lifestyles.

The Thrive at Work Commitment is a standard of good practice and quality mark for health and wellbeing in work. The programme helps employers improve staff health and wellbeing, engage and communicate more effectively with employees and help to achieve a range of business and organisational benefits.

Zone Contractors Limited recognise the importance of promoting health and wellbeing within our organisation and have therefore committed to Thrive at Work Programme.